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You've come to the right place - Lumberjack Planet! This website is a one stop resource for all things related to lumberjack sports. Fans, sponsors, show organizers, and competitors alike can find interesting and valuable information about all aspects of lumberjacking. But above all, Lumberjack Planet exists to promote and raise the level of awareness of our sport.

My name is Bos and I've been involved with lumberjack sports for over 10 years as a competitor, announcer, entertainer, show organizer and promoter. I'm here to not only share my own experience, but also knowledge from other experts in the sport. From newbies to experienced axemen, there is something for everyone at Lumberjack Planet.

Here is a sample of what you'll find on this site:

  • A beginner's guide to the sport including history, equipment, and events.
  • An updated list of competitions.
  • Competition results.
  • Classified Ads for buying and selling gear.
  • A comprehensive set of "How To" guides for show organizers and competitors.
  • Training guides for novice axemen and sawyers.
  • Profiles and interviews with competitors.
  • All the latest news relating to the sport.

Take a look around and stay awhile. No matter what your interest in the sport, Lumberjack Planet will help you keep your edge!

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